ARMA Gold Edition - PC Steam

ARMA Gold Edition - PC Win Steam

Price Rp. 100.000 Rp. 50.000
Region: Asia
DRM Type: Steam Key
Note: This game requires free Steam account and client to download & play.

Full Description & Requirements[-]
Genre: Action, Strategy, Simulation
Developer: Bohemia Interactive
Publisher: Bohemia Interactive  
Release Date: 13 Jul, 2011
Platform: Windows


ARMA: Gold is pack of ARMA: Armed Assault and an expansion pack ARMA: Queen's Gambit. ARMA is a first person tactical military shooter with large elements of realism and simulation. This game features a blend of large-scale military conflict spread over large areas alongside the more closed quarters

Includes: ARMA: Armed Assault & ARMA: Queen's Gambit expansion pack.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP or Windows Vista
Processor: 2.5Ghz Intel P4 or AMD Ahtlon processor
Memory: 512MB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 6600GT with 256MB VRAM Pixel Shader 2.0 or ATI Radeon x800 with 256MB RAM Pixel Shader 2.0
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 6 GB
Sound: OpenAL sound compatible audiocard 

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