Combat Armor Dougram Model Kits

Available now Combat Armor Dougram Collectors Box reissued model kits, all brand new. Since this is a vintage model kit, assembly may require glue & paint.
Price @ Rp. 100.000

1/144 Dougram
(Out of Stock)

1/144 Dougram Jakt Type
(Out of Stock)

1/144 Soltic H8 (Green)

1/144 Soltic H8-RF (Blue)

1/144 Blockhead (Red)
(Out of Stock)

1/144 Blockhead (Olive Green)

1/144 Ironfoot Hasty F4X
(Out of Stock)

1/144 Bigfoot Soltic HT-128
(Out of Stock)

1/200 Crab Gunner

1/200 Blizzard Gunner
(Out of Stock)

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