Transformers R.I.D. Ultra Magnus

This is Ultra Magnus from Robots in Disguise line, a tall Super/Leader class sized robot which transforms into a super car carrier. He can load up to three deluxe sized vehicles on his carrier trailer. His weapon, the "Blue Bolts" features 2 missile launchers and 2 different cannons. It can be set into three configurations, can either attach on vehicle or carried on robot mode, and has 2 missile launchers.

Ultra Magnus has electronic sound effects that can be activated by a press of a buton and attaching the weapon on either his left, right hand, or torso.

He can also combine with RID Optimus Prime to become Omega Prime.

Item Name : Transformers R.I.D. Ultra Magnus
Manufacturer : Hasbro
Condition : -
Size : Super/Leader class sized
Parts/Accessories : -
Box/Item Grade : -
Box/Item Notes : -
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