Transformers R.I.D. Optimus Prime

This is Robots in Disguise Super/Leader class sized Optimus Prime. He transforms into a Hino Brandlier fire truck. The ladder conceals four missile launchers which can be revealed by a press of a button. He features electronic light and sound effects.

Optimus can "maximize" twice using parts of his trailer into Mega Robot and Ultra Robot. And best of all he can combine with RID Ultra Magnus to become Omega Prime! (Shown on photo below with Universe Special Edition Optimus Prime for size comparison)

Item Name : Hasbro Transformers R.I.D. Optimus Prime
Condition : loose complete
Size : Super/leader class sized
Parts/Accessories : 1 trailer, 4 additional trailer parts, 4 missiles, 1 weapon
Box/Item Grade : B+
Box/Item Notes : Some paint wear on chromed chest. Requires 2x AAA batteries
(Sold Out)
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