Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are all of your collections genuine/original?

A. Yes. Most of our collections are genuine unless specifically described otherwise. Unlicensed imitations are known as bootleg or knock-offs / KOs.

Q. Can you guarantee that the items shipped would arrive safely?
A. While we can not guarantee the safety of items being delivered by the shipping agent (it is beyond our control), we guarantee that all items are packed in the safest manner to minimize any impact or water spills during shipment.

Q. Do you accept international orders?
A. Yes we do. We have shipped to Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and can ship to other countries as well.

Q. Do you run a physical store?
A. No, we only sell our collections online.

Q. Do you offer money-back guarantee?
A. Yes, buyers may return their items within 3 days for full refund (excluding any shipping costs), providing the items are in the same condition as they were shipped the first time. This means new/sealed items must only be returned unopened. However, money-back guarantee may not apply to international orders.

Q. Can I sell or sell back my used toys to you?
A. Yes, under certain conditions. Please read Order Info page under Selling Your Toys section for rules and information.


Q. What’s the difference between “loose” and “opened” items?
A. We generally use the term loose to describe items which have no box or blister. On the other hand, opened item signifies an item which have been opened but still retain its box or blister.

Q. I don't see the price at the item description but "Out of stock" or "Sold out". What does it mean?
A. If an item is Out of Stock, it is not available at the moment but may still be restocked in the future. Sold Out items are no longer available and there is only a small chance of getting them restocked or available in the future.

Q. What's the difference between each class in the Transformers product line?
A. Transformers classes generally differ in size and complexity of transformation. The classes from smallest to largest are Legends, Scout, Deluxe, Voyager, Leader, Supreme, Ultimate. There are other classes as well which are specifically aimed for younger children.

Q. Can you provide a scale comparison between Transformers classes?
A. Yes, please take a look at the comparison chart below (click to enlarge).

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.
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