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Welcome to BakuToys Collection! We offer various and sometimes hard-to-find branded toys and collectible action figures at reasonable prices. All items come from adult collectors which are kept safely in a smoke and dust free storage. Each item is described in detail for your convenience.

We are located in Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia, and ship worldwide.


These are some conventions we use to describe items condition.

  • MIB: Mint In Box, the box may not be sealed but never opened before, unless stated otherwise.
  • MOC: Mint On Card, same as MIB, but packaged in blister card.
  • MISB: Mint In Sealed Box, the box is factory sealed and unopened.
  • MOSC: Min On Sealed Card, same as MISB, only packaged and sealed in blister card.
  • Opened: The box may or may not be sealed but has been opened before.
  • Loose: Item has no packaging. Most loose items are regarded as in “used” condition, unless specifically stated as “new”. Please also read about Item Grade Guide.


This guide is intended to describe box/card condition only and not the inside content.

  • C10 MINTPerfect, bright colors, clear plastics
  • C8-9 NEAR MINT
    Slightly noticable ding, bright colors, clear plastics
  • C6-7 FINE
    Visible ding or crease
  • C4-5 GOOD
    Some ding or creases, small crack or fray, noticable color wear
  • C2-3 POOR
    Fraying edges usually due to age or storage, cracks, or tears, yellow plastic bubble
    Large tears, cracks, creases.

This rating is intended to determine item's condition and quality, usually apply for loose or non-boxed collections. However this rating does not include any factory mis-assemblies or design flaws.
  • A, 95 and beyond
    The item is like new, mint or near mint condition, never been played with. No visible flaw of any kind, no paint or decal scratch.
  • B, 80 - 94
    Item is in great condition, has been briefly played with but still like new. There may be very slight paint scratches. There may be a slightly loose joint.
  • C, 65 - 79
    Item is in good condition, has been played often. There may be loose joints, visible paint or decal scratches due to play wear. But no cracks or broken parts.
  • D, 64 and belowItem may still look good on display, but has one or more damaged or broken parts. For example: cracked or hardened rubber material, disfunctional features (applies to electronic or non-electronic), etc.
If you have any other questions please leave a message via e-mail or sms. We’d be happy to be of service.
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